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Hello and welcome! We only have a few rules, so please consider them before posting or commenting on the works within.

Rule 1: Please post your "Write-A-Novel" writing exercises in the appropriate exercise folders found in the gallery; and make sure that your exercise is appropriately titled with the number of the exercise you are posting.

Rule 2: When commenting on other people's work, please be honest with your criticisms but also respectful and uplifting. We criticize because we want our art to improve and because we want to build one another up in skill and in spirit; please make sure your comments reflect this ideal.

Rule 3: As I would like this group to be appropriate for DA members of all ages, please refrain from posting fetish and pornographic content.

Don't be too concerned about fearing the rules. If there is an issue that is not a blatant and grotesque violation of the rules or common decency, I'll privately message you and try to work out the issue in the most polite way possible. So have fun and enjoy your membership in the group.

First Chapter: Round Up

Mon Jun 19, 2017, 5:57 PM
Well, we've made it over the first chapter hump.  Getting that first bit of writing done is sometimes the hardest, so :clap: to everyone that got theirs done.  Well done!


Demon Tales - Episode 1 SceneDuring night´s dark allure, a character with such a black purpose as the hillside descended to the valley. That was the night, the one that for once and for all the traitor would be hunted down for good.
The figure unsheathed his sword, and checked his edge. He knew what his dark action was for, a greater reward. He straightened the sword in front of him and readied his gear, companion of many tasks, for his very last chance to avoid the disaster that otherwise would strike the Confederation down.
He remembered his data. Hita was where his target was hiding, and it was expected to flee from there so that it would be out of the executioner´s reach. But its information and belongings were too precious, too valuable to let it go unpunished. And that night was the night.
Between the slow movement of the dancing flares something managed to disrupt the executioner´s concentration. His target, a horse rider, was trying to escape.
The executioner smiled. He stuck the blade on th

ACWAN Plot Points 6.1 The Beginning (Ezalea)
  Ezalea began her day staring at a fig tree. There were fifty of them in the sunlit greenhouse and her only job that morning was to prune and fertilize each and every one, which was about as fun as watching them grow. She also had to put up with an annoying jackass named Cassius leering at her through the glass walls in full armour, trying to get her attention.
  Leaning in close, her heart shaped face mere inches away from the branches, Ezalea closely scrutinized each and every one looking for those that were dead, diseased, broken or crossing. As she looked her droopy brown eyes identified three such malformed branches. She reached towards her belt for her clippers but found nothing. She had left them in the tool cupboard. Cursing, she stood up and quickly dashed to the other side of the greenhouse while stubbornly ignoring Cassius waving at her. Ezalea’s workplace was a cluttered mess of trees, tables, sacks, boxes and tools but she could slip through it a
The Trap Master Prologue
  Three years of work lay in the balance as Mimas gently lifted his creation and carried it to the vault door. Somnus stared over his partner’s shoulder meekly, his eye still swollen from when he had asked “Are you done yet” one time too many. With all the care he could muster Mimas lifted the delicate machinery to its allotted space and slotted it in. With baited breath he reached out for the lever and grasped it, fully aware that the whole machine could explode in his face… again. Palms sweaty, he finally dared to pull the lever and the vault door hummed into life. Steam shot from valves as ancient gears and pistons laboured to open the way. One by one the many layers of intricate doors folded outwards peeling away to reveal a stone chamber that had not been opened in millennia.
  Mimas roared in triumph as he beheld his work, Somnus staring open mouthed by his side.
  “You did it.” he said in awe.
  “It took bloo Submissions

First ChapterDropping his hands from the buttons on the wall, Psy stepped back to admire his handiwork.
He didn't have to look back, per se, but focusing on the plain white wall behind him allowed to see the lines of blue code flickering across his eyes better. To anyone else, the collection of numbers and letters would seem nonsensical, just a jumble, and that's exactly what he was aiming for. It was illegible to anyone but him. Rori would definitely be proud of the new encryptions. With that thought, he straightened up proudly. Now to shut off the program.
He scrolled for a long time through the mass of code, trying to find the one line that would allow him to click it off. After a while, he scrolled back up, flicking rapidly from line to line. A noise of frustration leaked out of his gritted teeth as the line eluded him. What was it again? he thought. Something like… x98*)(...
It was nowhere to be found. Psy deflated and crossed his arms, screwing up his face into a childish expression of
Workshop: First Chapter 
The mind is a cage; imagination should be set free, but it keeps one’s darkest thoughts locked

I’m not even there yet, and I already hate it here.
The view outside the train windows was a diorama of the progression of society. The trees shrunk in size, the farmlands disappeared to make way for plains, and the dirt roads were paved in a layer of asphalt. As time went on, the plains filled with buildings, cars rode up and down the roads, and people sauntered on the cobblestone sidewalks.
Even now, the train worked to maximum performance, the sound of the pulsing locomotive pounding through the dusky sky. Minutes continued to pass, and a young man seventeen years of age watched the land go with his blue eyes. He always liked window seats. It gave him the opportunity to see everything firsthand, to get lost in his thoughts. The lack of people


:bulletgreen: When reading a book or watching a movie, do you normally side with the hero or the villain?
:bulletgreen: Do you prefer to write on a computer, or with pen and paper?  Or maybe you prefer a typewriter?  And why?
:bulletgreen: Which of your characters would you take pleasure in killing off?

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