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Group Rules

Hello and welcome! We only have a few rules, so please consider them before posting or commenting on the works within.

Rule 1: Please post your "Write-A-Novel" writing exercises in the appropriate exercise folders found in the gallery; and make sure that your exercise is appropriately titled with the number of the exercise you are posting.

Rule 2: When commenting on other people's work, please be honest with your criticisms but also respectful and uplifting. We criticize because we want our art to improve and because we want to build one another up in skill and in spirit; please make sure your comments reflect this ideal.

Rule 3: As I would like this group to be appropriate for DA members of all ages, please refrain from posting fetish and pornographic content.

Don't be too concerned about fearing the rules. If there is an issue that is not a blatant and grotesque violation of the rules or common decency, I'll privately message you and try to work out the issue in the most polite way possible. So have fun and enjoy your membership in the group.

Characters: Round Up

Mon May 15, 2017, 5:38 PM
There was a lot involved in this month's workshop and it may have taken its toll on our participants.  But there is good news, it means there aren't as many submissions to review and comment on.  As always, if you're participating (and even if you're not and just a nice person), make sure you're leaving feedback for the other participants.


WaN: Character ListWhat's going on my super sandwiches? Wait, wrong catchphrase... I shouldn't be screwing up on a Good Evening...
Protagonists- the twins Lilly and Rosie Brownwood
Secondary Protagonists- Oliver Brownwood
Primary Antagonist- Ms. Gold
Secondary Antagonist- The Ghost
Protagonist Notes
Lilly Brownwood
Likes- Reading, the unknown, Halloween
Hates- exercise
Appearance- long blonde hair in a ponytail, bright cyan eyes and petite.
Weakness- a little too innocent
Goal- solve the mystery of Ms. Gold
Part of me- Love for reading.
Differences from myself- she is nice
Rosie Brownwood
Likes- being with her sister
Hates- loud noises, the dark, Halloween, and anything red cause it reminds her of blood.
Appearance- short blonde hair and green eyes
Weakness- Her fear of nearly everything holds her back.
Goal- conquer her fears
Part of me- appreciation of family and worries too much
Differences from myself- being nice and a scaredy-cat. 
ACWAN ex. 5: Characters and StuffTask 1: Plot Premises
Xilian Galette - Manino - emotionally instable soon-to-be soldier
Alue'Che - Gkijh - vicious, self proclaimed leader of the High Order
Chek'Trah - Gkijh - son of a clan leader, warrior for Ulunmar
Hector Kenigen - Zeran - former nobleman, scholar and coercive translator for Ulunmar
Aalib Muagru - Gasa'ul - highest officer of Fort Guerelm
Supporting Characters
Laonez Galette - Manino - wealthy merchant, Xilian's father
Eykh'Trah - Gkijh - obstinate clan leader, Chek'Trah's father
Dhelgan Ayul - Gasa'ul - vice governor and highest officer of Fort Muerghil
Awka'Trah - Gkijh - Chek'Trah's envious brother
Ratibon Vualeo - Zeran - Xilian's pen pal and friend of his father
Persoko - Gasa'ul - soldier who insults Xilian
Noham Pergu - Gasa'ul - respectable member

Chapter 5 Exercises for ABBCAGreenBat Tutorials Chapter 5 Exercises

For Atticus and Blake's Buddy-cop Adventure
Write-a-Novel Exercise 5.1
Go through the list of characters we started in the last tutorial, and mark down what story roles that each character fills.
Plot Premises
Officer Atticus Warner, blackbear, member of the Fourth Wall Border Patrol
Blake Parker, self-proclaimed anarchist and definitely not a narcissist.
New Blake, a perfected clone of the original (open to better names)
None Submissions

May 2017's tasks: Characters, NarratorTask #1: Character List
Primary Protaganist:
Psy: Third in command of the rebellion
Secondary Protaganists:
Rori/Taylor: Leader of the Army and elder Prince
Andria: Second in command of the rebellion and a wanted criminal
Primary Antagonists:
Paladin: The younger Prince who has been forced into Taylor's shadow
Secondary Antagonists:
Leon: The King who is somewhat depressed and delusional.
Supporting Characters:
Grayson: Surgeon who acts as Rori's adoptive father
Daniel: Tailor who acts as Rori's adoptive father
Melisa: Mechanic who helps Psy while he is in the palace? or royal house
Universe Filler Characters:
Ahdia - Mechanic
Elaine Vega - the Queen (she doesn't have a big role in the plot)
(I'll add to this as more are created)
Third-person omniscient, hops around from head to head. Unbiased mostly.
PoV Character:
at some point it might include the Prince but I'm unsure.
...the plot thing I did was just a skeleton, if you can't already tell. Like a su
Literary Workshop (5/14): CharactersTask #1
Go through your character list and mark down what story role each character fills, as per 9 Character Types to Use in Your Novel.  If you feel you need to create more characters, make sure to create a Plot Premise (from our last workshop) for those new characters.
Plot Premises
Dulani Julius: 17-years-old, transfer student to Schrodinger Preparatory Middle-High School, jaded and asocial
Mikuru Rockefeller: 13-years-old, orphaned and resident of Schrodinger Group Home, a prodigy who’s too mature for her age, an adorable bundle of pure evil
Hitomi Myusika: 17-years-old, AP student and varsity lacrosse starter, junior at The Schrodinger Academy, a curious young lady who struggles to balance the Japanese work ideal with the American Dream, her chill demeanor hides who stressed out she is
Michalis Xanderson: 18-years-old, (former) football player at School of Dr. Hodgedrin, brash and grandi


In an effort to get all of us communicating with each other, answer the couple of questions below and respond to other comments.

:bulletgreen: Do you prefer to write in first, second or third person POV?
:bulletgreen: How often do you write something outside you comfort zone (ie: genre, POV, prose v. poetry)
:bulletgreen: Link us to one of your favorite writing tutorials or guides on DA.

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Hi, teacher!

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Also, have you planned of making a tutorial based on descriptions (like extension based on genre, when to introduce, balance between features or how to focus, that sort of thing)?
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Okay then, I'll do some exercises in German! Especially the character ones will be helpful, I hope.
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